Monday, June 29, 2009

Memorial for Marc Lupescu: Friday 7/3 7:30pm sharp

The Bristol Renaissance Faire community lost a cornerstone yesterday when Marc Lupescu, beloved blacksmith, stage manager, and friend, passed away.

Susan Scot Fry, former Bristol Entertainment Director, posted this information about a Memorial for Marc on her FaceBook page, and Heath Denikas, Bristol's Quartermaster, also posted this on the Bristol Discussion Board:

"A memorial gathering for Marc Lupescu is officially on for this Friday, July 3, 2009.

"When: 7:30pm - please give yourself enough time to park and walk so that we can start on time.

"Where: The Cheshire Chase Action Stage at the Bristol Renaissance Faire site.

"Who: The people who knew and loved Marc Lupescu.

"What to Do: Marc is loved by a great many people, so part of the gathering will be a chance for us all to send a message to him. Plese write a few words on a strip of paper and bring it with you. There will be a point in the evening when you will be invited to send your thoughts and love up to Marc via fire - most likely using Marc's portable forge.

"Thank you for your warm thoughts and outpourings of love."

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