Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Celebrity Fool Endorsement: Renaissance Art Moleskine Covers!

I just started using one of these in Cranberry Red, and it is a Very Satisfying Thing. I take a lot of notes when I'm performing -- I write down the jokes you tell me, I keep updating my index of How to Say "Bad Monkey" In Foreign Languages, I keep working on my masque, "Much Ado About Muffins" -- and I generally fill up and re-copy one leather-bound notebook per year. I've gone through all of the ones I bought on my honeymoon in Venice (at Rivus Altus on, natch, the Rialto), and this solution delights me. The leather is very fine and lightweight, so it doesn't add bulk to your Moleskine, and it weathers very prettily. They'll even personalize the covers for you. Find more delights at !

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