Monday, December 15, 2008

Madison Faire Fun!

Delightful nonsense was Jane the Phoole's theme for Her Majesty's Winter Renaissance Faire in Madison, Wisconsin this past weekend! Look for pictures soon...many were made. I had tremendous good laughs with clever-as-all-get-out patrons (including my new Fairy Godmother and The Ruthless Pragmatist), the jovial chaps of the Guilde of St. Michael, charming new friends (well met, Robert and Tom and all!), and of course Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth Gloriana, triumphantly portrayed on Saturday by Susan Shinn. I may have inroads to acquiring Yet Another Barbarian Horde, too. We all of us had some good guffaws, and when time can be found, there will be anecdotes-a-poppin'!

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