Friday, February 20, 2009

FOOL by Christopher Moore: BEST BOOK EVER

Stop everything you're doing and buy this book immediately. Christopher Moore's FOOL has made my head explode. This book validates my existence. This book shows me that there is at least one other person in the world who really knows exactly what fooling means -- true court-jestering, real court-fooling, having license to go so far but no further, and telling truth to power, even if it attracts death. This book is intense, hilarious, and exactly what I've been studying for all my life. You'll want to get it now, hardback -- it's a gorgeous edition, and you deserve it, even if times are tough. You owe these laughs to yourself!

A Small Warning: If you are among my younger or more easily-offended Phoole Fans, this book will catapult you into sweaty adulthood, so maybe make sure you're prepared for how bawdy it is. It's bawdy. If you can take the heat, get thee into this kitchen, because it'll make you laugh out loud 10 times a page.

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Kit Foxe said...

I *loooove* this book.

Are you coming to visit us at Southern?