Sunday, December 14, 2008

Play with Jane in Madison! December 13 & 14 10:30-6

Jane the Phoole will be waiting to exchange absurdities with you at Her Majesty's Winter Renaissance Faire in Madison this coming weekend! The details, from the event's press release:

"Ravenworks and Time after Time, Inc. are presenting "Her Majesty's Winter Renaissance Faire and High Court Dinner" to be held 13 and 14 Dec. 08., at Her Majesty's Castle at 676B Whitney Square Mall, Whitney Way, in Madison, WI. The Weno BellyDance Tribe, St. Martin's Academy, the Murder Sisters, and Ogham [ed.: AND JANE THE PHOOLE TOO YOU KNOW!] are among the many featured acts. Vendors of period clothing, swords, jewelry, leather goods, period foods and many other holiday and Renaissance items will be in attendance. Tickets $7 at the gate, $5 in advance at Ravenworks or online at (Under 5 yrs old attend the day faire free).

"Hours for the Faire will be 1030am-6pm on both 13 and 14 Dec.

"Her Majesty's High Court Dinner, a full 4 course Elizabethan feast, with period food, entertainment and the attendance of Queen and Court will be held at 'Her Majesty's Castle,' 676B, Whitney Square Mall, Whitney Way, Madison. Entertainment will include Singers, Dancers and Instrumentalists, as well as High Court Intrigue [ed.: AND LET US NOT FORGET JANE THE PHOOLE!]. Attendees are encouraged to dress in period style and enjoy the merriment. Dec. 13th, 7:30pm. Advance Tickets: $32.00 for Adults, $25.00 for Seniors over 65 and youngsters under 12. Under 5-$5.00 Tickets after Dec. 1, 38.00 Adults, 30.00 Seniors and Children under 12, under 5-$5.00."

I look forward to seeing you there and discussing new ways to say "Bad Monkey," and remind me to tell you about the Adventure of the Whoopee Cushion -- it will be a good blog post eventually, but currently it is a zesty romp of an anecdote in person!

(Painting is Joris Hoefnagel's "Wedding at Bermondsey" and is just there because it depicts some Tudor types goofing around. It is not, as far as I am aware, an actual picture of this weekend's events painted in the future and then cast back through time for us to consider.)

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