Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tell Bristol how much fun you have with Jane the Phoole!

Do you attend the Bristol Renaissance Faire as a patron? Do you have fun playing with me? I know you do! You tell me about it all the time when you see me. It makes me happier than I can say.

But if I tell the management of the Bristol Renaissance Faire how amazing you say I am, somehow it just doesn't carry as much credibility as if it came from you.

Won't you tell them yourselves? Click here to tell the management of the Bristol Renaissance Faire why it's important to you that Jane the Phoole should continue to be a part of your fun at the Faire!

Most people only send messages to Bristol's management if they're unhappy about something. It would be different, exciting and trés avant garde if you were to tell them about a part of the show you really enjoyed -- and I'd just love it if that part were li'l ol' me, telling you bad jokes and giving you big compliments!

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