Friday, July 16, 2010

Open Wide the Gates! Weekend 1, Bristol Renaissance Faire 2010

Phoole Aglow
Brilliant snappery by Brent Price II; find more heart-expanding work by this fine Phooligan at

I've only just fully recovered from Opening Weekend at the Bristol Renaissance Faire - and it's a good thing, too, because tomorrow's Weekend 2! Her Majesty's Progress in Bristol is full of international intrigue, romance, derring-do, devoted and adored mad Phooligans a-plenty, a joust by Phoole Faves the Hanlon-Lees that will blow your mind with everything from horror to hilarity, and -- yes! -- PORPENTINES. Here are some more of the magic moments:

Phoole's Gate
Photo by Larry Maka

Phoole Fun!
Photo by Kayoz Swicago, with more amazing work at

Jane, Egads and Magnolia: The Triumverate of Doom
Photo by Deniiiiiiise Prohaska! I am not actually drunk in this picture, although over on the FaceBook, T. Stacy Hicks captioned this one as "Drunk, Drunker, Drunkest." With Jenni Glueckstein as Magnolia May and Richard Weber as Lord Mayor Egads Newcastle.

I have no idea where I am
Another precious moment from Denise Prohaska. T. Stacy Hicks captioned this one: "She has no idea where she is right now."

Jane Conceals the Identities of Several Pirates
Photo by James Tampa. These pirates needed to keep their identities a secret, and I happened to have a package of false moustaches, which I had just received as a gift from indulgent and generous Phooligans Clay and Randi Stiller. These moustaches shall be mentioned again later.

Joy Blast!
Joy Blast! Photo by James Tampa. Gabriel, the tiny fool on the right, blasts people with joy! I recommend it!

Phooligan Photo-Taker Extraordinaire Ivan Phillips captured many little moments with a lens of magnificence this past Sunday, and I hope you enjoy these little glimpses. The glamor? He captures it. Let me show you it. The following several moments transpired during an encounter with Sir Robert Dudley, the Earl of Leycestre, Her Majesty's Master of Horse -- and one of Her Grace's other best friends. T. Stacy Hicks and I portray Leycestre and Jane as friends who have faced a great deal together, and Phooligans enjoy the pauses from intrigue which punctuate our adventures:

Jane the Phoole
Photo by Ivan Phillips

T. Stacy Hicks as Sir Robert Dudley, the Earl of Leycestre, Master of Her Majesty's Horse; photo by Ivan Phillips

Photo by Ivan Phillips

Photo by Ivan Phillips, composition and framing once again by Caravaggio, I think

Photo by Ivan Phillips, and doesn't this look like a movie still? Somebody get us a movie.

The Monkey List!
Photo by Ivan Phillips: "The Monkey List!"

Jane the Phoole and Magnolia May
Photo by Ivan Phillips, with Jenni Glueckstein as Magnolia May, Bristol's Mistress of Misrule

And now: PORPENTINES. Porkchop the Porpentine's adventures from last year are chronicled here. But Porkchop's not the only porpentine on the block now, for he has a new baby sister. And her name is:


Photo by Denise Prohaska. Here Beans snuzzles Magnolia May's fingers, making us all wonder if chompage would shortly ensue.

Beans was born on April 1, 2010. She's an April Fool's Porpentine Baby!

Photo by Denise Prohaska. You cannot handle this much cuteness. No one can. Just fall down.

Photo by Denise Prohaska. Can you stand it? You can't!

Porkchop vs Mayor's Fan
Photo by Denise Prohaska. Here, Porkchop gleefully devours Lord Mayor Egads Newcastle's deleeeeecious fan.

Beans On May
Photo by Denise Prohaska. There's nothing in the world that can't be improved by letting a baby porpentine clamber up your cleavage!

Photo by Denise Prohaska. Here, Porkchop begins his ascent of the Lord Mayor. Brent Price II was on hand as well, and here is a series of pictures he took of the rest of Porkchop's Adventure On Top of the Lord Mayor's Head. Click and enjoy!

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