Monday, May 17, 2010

Jane's Ville: A Leap Forward in Fun, and a New Motley Unveiled!

Photo by Chris Muetz

Cheers to all of the Phooligans who jaunted out to the Janesville Renaissance Faire this past weekend! It was fantastic Phoolish fun spending time with all of you: old friends, new friends, esteemed colleagues and comrades-in-arms. We shared big laughs, in-depth discussions on Subjects of Monumental Import, and general delightful silliness. We never reached a solid consensus on the meaning of the signs posted in the park that say "FEEDING GEESE DUCKS PROHIBITED." Some say it means you shouldn't feed ducks to geese; others maintain there's something called a Geese Duck that one mustn't feed. Don't Know. It's still a mystery! I didn't get any new languages for "bad monkey," but I had fun supplying the ones I had to Phooligans burning to know the phrase in a range of tongues and dialects. Fasso Latido made an appearance on Saturday, in his own fantastic new motley. And a nice "round-Robin" discussion on Sunday morning featuring Robin Hood and Little John tackled the always-timely topic of How to Remedy an Excess of Moral Fiber and ended in lots of loud double-over guffaws. Good good goofings had by all!

A special cheer goes to the Guildes of St. George, St. Michael and St. Lawrence -- you make me feel mighty real! I realized this past weekend how heavily I've come to rely on these organizations for inspiration, creative context, and survival. I appreciate these volunteers and the immense research, work and resources they dedicate to building the bridge between the Audience-World and 16th-Century England.

Great acts, fascinating craft demonstrators, and luxury vendors abounded in Jane's Ville. Many thanks to the devoted and driven organizers of this event, Chris and Heather and Rick and Shelly, and everyone who helped make my Ville a delightful place to be! More views of Jane enjoying the Ville are here:

Photo by Alexis Pena

Photo by Alexis Pena

Photo by Chris Muetz

Photo by Bob Matthews

Photo by Satine Keala

Photo by Satine Keala

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