Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Phoole Fave: SCROOGE IN ROUGE at In Tandem Theatre through Jan. 3!

Matt Daniels and Marcella Kearns in SCROOGE IN ROUGE. Photos in this entry courtesy Mark Frohna Photography via Third Coast Digest.

Above, behold the MONSTER TALENTS of totally-brilliant Phoole Friend Marcella Kearns and the extremely-amazing Matt Daniels in In Tandem's SCROOGE IN ROUGE, which runs through this coming Sunday, January 3, 2009. Clickitty-click here to get tickety-boos for this outrageous, scandalous, hilarious panto.

The premise is that a turn-of-the-century British music-hall ensemble of twenty-three is ready to do a lavish musical version of Charles Dickens' beloved A CHRISTMAS CAROL, but twenty of them have succumbed to food poisoning at the last possible second. So four performers have to take on every role in the show.

That's Funny Enough, but this show is So Much Funnier than I can describe. Barbara Castonguay wrote a great review of the show in the Third Coast Digest, clickable here. It's from this excellent review that I got the photo above -- these photos appear in the piece courtesy Mark Frohna Photography, and, by the way, we all should probably go get snapped by Mr. Frohna, as his pics make everyone look super-ultra-famous, which is grand.

Chris Flieller (above, with Marcella Kearns again, photo once again nicely done by Mark Frohna Photography) will make you shoot stuff out your nose, too, 'coz he's screamingly funny in this too, AND you get to bring refreshments right into the hall with you, so SIP STRATEGICALLY, though you cannot possibly plan for calamities such as these. Be prepared to wear beverages, basically, I guess. And do not underestimate the stealth laughs served surreptitiously by pianist Alfred, played by David Bonofiglio -- his is the sort of quiet, brilliant, slightly mean character for whom we all get giddy.

So if you can get a tickety-boo, get in there and see this thing! I'm taking MBTC to see it on Saturday, January 2 in the afternoon. I fear they may be sold out. But I have other fears too, many of which prove baseless, so, you know, give it a try!

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