Monday, December 7, 2009

Life Couldn't Possibly Better Be

Against the cold and the coming snow, my heart's aglow with so many good great fond things.

I had a delightful weekend at Her Majesty's Winter Faire in Madison, and watch this space for much much more on that in the hours and days to come. Raven of Ravenworks and her legions of devotees built players, exhibitors and guests alike a splendid indoor playground, and I brought home with me not just a Bad Monkey of my own but a wealth of kindnesses, laughs and memories I look forward to recounting.

Also I had a lesson with Bob Charron of the St. Martin's Academy of Martial Arts, and I'm not indulging in hyperbole here: It Affected My Life. I'll expound anon, but for now, this is the best summary: All that random knowledge for which people lovingly make fun of me? It all relates. Every little Italian and Latin and Ancient Greek bit. All that geometry, astronomy, philosophy and cosmology. All of that now has a greater significance to me than merely enabling me to win at Jeopardy every night during supper.

And today, I had the privilege of viewing the final cut of Phoole Protege Chloe Arbiture's film-school final project. It's outstanding. I couldn't be more exhilarated and proud. Her brother Elon contributed a spine-sparking score, and I'm in it, along with epic talents Seth Neuschwander, Ron Scot Fry, Melissa Zeien, and several charming others. My hurrrsband Tom Charney helped with makeup and his ever-present brand of all-aspects assistance.

But binding all of these elements is the magnesium-bright ribbon of Chloe's creative light. I want to say more, but really, I want to wait until I'm cleared to let the piece speak for itself. When it's posted publicly, I'll make sure to post a link. For those of you who have been my students in the past, or for any of you who know me inside OR outside of the motley, you'll see why her film is exploding my brain and making me burn with pride.

I have a 12-yard bolt of muslin to press and scores of chores tapping impatience at me now, but when I can, hopefully tomorrow, I'll post my weekend adventures and reflections thereon, and I'll introduce you to Bad Monkey, my latest trophy and, apparently, yet another one of my masters!

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