Monday, December 7, 2009

I Know An Alarming Array of Brilliant People

To borrow a phrase Hodgmanic, WERE YOU AWARE OF IT? I am Personally Acquainted with a dazzling constellation of geniuses. Here is a Short List:

Tom Charney, Rock Star, Jackhammer of All Trades and Master of More Than Anyone Suspects

Chloe Arbiture, someday sun-bleaching red carpets with the sheer ultraviolet might of her cinematickal brilliance

Elon Arbiture, the Hollywood away team, already making his mighty musical mark in Tinseltown

Bob and Kristina Charron, who could DESTROY YOU, and do it in Perfect Time, but they Choose Not To, and you should be Very Grateful Indeed

Ron and Susan Scot Fry, who put the "impres(s)" in "impresario" and pile success on satisfying success in style

Etienne McGinley, who can Out-Juggle Anyone I Know, and I know 10,000 jugglers, who teaches me to take Every Gig and leads by fiercely hilarious example

Richard Weber, Headmaster of the School of The Way People Would Behave in the Best of All Possible Civilized Worlds: Always gracious, impossible to imitate, whirlwind wit

This is just a short, shorty-short list. I also know Marcella Kearns, Missy Zeien, and an outrageous pile of other geniuses.

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