Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jane IS a Fool: Met Stephen Milanowski & Didn't Realize He Was Super-Famous

As I was en route from the Clown Containment Tent to the staging area for The Great Circus Parade on July 12, a fellow with a large-format camera (bellows, hand-held separate flash, old-timey) stopped me and asked if he could photograph me in front of the Prince Charming wagon, which was parked on the lakeshore. You know I can't resist a photo op -- I love being made famous -- so we stopped, and he asked me to pose in various angles with a serious facial expression, which is, as you well know, Not Often Done with me, and I enjoyed the whole thing a great deal. When he'd snapped the shots he wanted, inserting and removing giant plates and all, he accepted my card and said he'd send me a jpeg or two when he was able to develop them.

I toddled on to the parade, oblivious of whom I'd just met.

He sent me a jpeg of one of the photos today, and it exploded my brain. It turns out the photographer was Stephen Milanowski: http://www.stephenmilanowski.com. His work is amazing and just exactly what I love in photos of Americana. He captures ordinary moments in unreal, dreamily-intense color and perspective. He's exhibited at MoMA, published, and taught at impressive institutions.

I'm amazed and honored to have been in his lens. I'm hoping he'll allow me to post one or two of his pictures of me here, but if not, at least I might be able to get you a link to a shot of me on his site when the pieces are all complete. In the meantime, color me stunned! Please tour the gallery on his site and drink in his other brilliant work in the meantime!

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