Monday, July 20, 2009

65 Bad Monkeys: Bristol Renaissance Faire '09 Weekend 2

I'm humbled and giggling over your devotion, Phoole Friends! I had the most amazing time, including a Special Sunday, this past weekend. I met 30,000 completely amazing, hilarious people, "became famous" thousands of times, and acquired five more languages for "bad monkey." During some brief offstage moments, too, I received mind-boggling compliments from A-list superstars and legendary long-time shopkeepers -- I'm astounded that I'm even on these people's radar.

I hope to festoon the blagues with pictures and narratives of the weekend's exploits later, after coffee and work and laundry and a nap.

Extra-special gratitude to the many Phoole Fans who came forward in support of Characters Who Truly Love and Listen To the Audience. You keep me going, and you keep me coming back! "For thy swete love remembrd suche welth brings/that then I skorne to chaunge my state with kings."

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