Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Great Circus Parade Route!

Here's the route for the Great Circus Parade on July 12, 2009 in Milwaukee. It takes a Scenic Route past the beautiful City Hall and along Kilbourn Avenue this time around, avoiding construction on Wisconsin Avenue. I walked the route this afternoon and scouted the shadiest viewing places -- soon I'll post a little guide to the loveliest ones, so you don't get sunburnt to a crisp while waves of circus splendour wash over the town! It looks like there are plenty of places to grab shade and have a good view along the route.

So excited about this parade. Getting emails and letters from a Clown Coordinator makes life delightfully strange, and I know I'm going to meet and make a million new friends that day. A brand-new parade banner is being made and sent to me as I write this -- I should have it by this coming weekend. It's fun being your own parade float! So getcher sunscreen and foldy-chairs ready for the Circus Victory March, as Legions of Clowns and a Fool storm Brew City!

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sroddy1 said...

Jane - thanks for the parade info. Any clue when we can setup our foldy chairs in the shady spots?