Monday, November 17, 2008

Jane the Phoole - Swinging!

NOT LIKE THAT. Fiends. Those days are over, or paused. Anyhow, I was TRYING to recover from The Whoopee Cushion Incident (I torment you with allusions BUT NO COMPLETE RETELLING!), and I'd barely mopped up my happy-tears and struggled up the hill when a family SEIZED ME BODILY and FLUNG me onto the Da Vinci Flying Machine Ride, where you sit in one of these Flying Machines (which are all suspended from a carousel-style canopy), and, by pulling on ropes and being twirled through space by brawny young jackanapeses, you zoom around at really surprisingly fast speeds, and it's a lot of fling for your farthing or whatever horrible Elizabethan money joke you can conjure. PLEASE NOTE that immediately behind me is my APPARENTLY STOIC friend Jacob, who was too busy being my bodyguard that day to have time for any facial expressions. I JEST! Jacob's a thoroughly standard chap -- he was probably just thinking really hard about something very practical and serious at that moment, as we went zooming around in a circle about one brazillion times. Yet another stupendous photo comes from the depths of Mark Meier's gigantic Photography-Machine!

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Jacob Staven said...

When I saw that I almost died of Laughter... Which realy isn't so bad:) Thank you so much for mentioning me. I am honored.

A special ShoutOut to Mark Meier for capturing a great moment at the Faire which happens to have me in it.

May Sweetmeats Rain Upon Thee, Jane!
Jacob Staven