Monday, November 10, 2008

Jane the Phoole at Best of Milwaukee Awards Tonight!

Many and heartfelt thanks to the zillions of you who voted! Your furious clickings landed me in the Top 3 Nominees for Best Local Character. I'm looking forward to meeting the other toppers, Phyllis from Discovery World and the v. famous John McGivern, who's a very dear friend of my dear friend, cabaret sizzler Carolynne Warren (SHUT UP, MARY HOUGH!). I'm thrilled to be able to show more of Milwaukee their Civic Fool! An extra heaping helping of happy thanks goes to Charles Sommers for telling me about the whole thing in the first place. Cheers!

The Best of Milwaukee Awards are intended as a special private event, just for the nominees and their entourages (Tom is my entourage tonight), but in case you'd like to behave like savage paparazzi and in case there's some kind of red-carpetty thing, the event's at the Turner Ballroom at 6:30 p.m., and I'll be arriving around 6:10, to allow everyone quasi-sufficient time to acclimate to my attire's ponderous bulk and alarming appearance.

Tonight's gown (the one I debuted this past summer) features fabric selected by T. Stacy Hicks, sleeves conceived by Stacy and designed by Tom, and an overall design by me, based on an Elizabethan silhouette and modern audience's ideas about what a jester is. Tonight's goblet is by Faire Maiden Glass, received as a wedding gift from the impeccably-tasteful Denise Prohaska. See you in the society pages! XO

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