Friday, August 1, 2008

Phoole Photos by the Guy Who Plays Fasso!

My dreamery husband took these photos last weekend. I don't have time to write an account of last weekend at the moment, but as each of these is worth 1,000 words, pray content yourself with reading them for now:

Bristol_7-27-08 023Bristol_7-27-08 022Bristol_7-27-08 018Bristol_7-27-08 017Bristol_7-27-08 016Bristol_7-27-08 014Bristol_7-27-08 013Bristol_7-27-08 064Bristol_7-27-08 063Bristol_7-27-08 056Bristol_7-27-08 055Bristol_7-27-08 054Bristol_7-27-08 120Bristol_7-27-08 119Bristol_7-27-08 134Bristol_7-27-08 131Bristol_7-27-08 130Bristol_7-27-08 124Bristol_7-27-08 121Bristol_7-27-08 123Bristol_7-27-08 126Bristol_7-27-08 125Bristol_7-27-08 122

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