Monday, August 4, 2008

Maniacal Little Girls!

I met some little patron girls just after the Opening of the Gates this past Sunday and asked them, “So, what are you, a singing group?” and they said, boldly, “Yes!” After I got back up off the ground from fainting in surprise, I said I’d catch up with them for one of their “sets” later. And in the afternoon, that very thing happened: these little tiny girls had hawked a crowd in High Street, and they were singing Tom Lehrer's “Poisoning Pigeons in the Park,” and in the amazed, laughing crowd was a grinning, astonished Dirk Perfect. Hilarious! I told them I’d book them to do a set for the Queen, and they were properly out of their minds with glee! (That hardly ever happens, by the way -- patrons usually react a bit mildly to me offering to launch them to Elizabethan Superstardom.) Sure enough, they showed up early for Audience With the Queen; I got them up in front of a nice big crowd, and they OWNED, and got Huge Laffs. Maniacal crazy little girls. Glasses, braces, everything. The Queen immediately hired them to join the Royal Household, and after the Queen and her entourage left the Priory Glade, I stayed behind and got goofy with them over how much fun we’d all have back in London, staying up all night every night, letting the monkeys and the giants out of the Tower and getting up to all kinds of mischief. They and their parents and friends were just delighted by all the silliness, and it was most satisfying indeed.


Kathy said...

Hi! It's just us maniacal little girls.

Oh by the way Bad monkey in Latin is Malus Simius in case you don't have that. :)

Brian and Sheila said...

Hello! tis just the other maniacal girl. thank you and in cas3e you didnt know bad monkey in swahilian "Baya Tumbili"