Monday, August 18, 2008

Bests & Worsts: Weekend 7, Bristol Renaissance Faire 2008


Saying farewell to Richard Weber for the remainder of the season.

Onslaught of mean drunks all day Sunday, beginning immediately at the Gate and continuing consistently throughout the day.

Meeting a real-life Veruca Salt and getting a big shun from her and her entire entourage of 5-year-olds after playing some of my best material for them.

Mean drunky drunkersons -- some of whom insisted a fellow female cast member was actually a man in drag, and then insisted that I was a man in drag. Really horrible awful people. I love drag queens and trannies and all sorts, do not mistake me. The spirit in which these aspersions were cast was hostile.

Being stymied by the drunkersons in the last item -- I found myself so insulted, offended and outraged that I didn't have a comeback. Felt awful for not being able to defend the other cast member.

Tea party. Whoa. Seriously.

Sunday seated audiences generally were silent and hating every single thing. I have no energy left today. They took it all. Much good may it do them.

Awful bad drunkies. Hateful, mean drunk people.

Bidding "Au Revoir" to Etienne, who was a delightful houseguest to Tom and I and just a really great guy to talk to about everything in the world.


The Queen gave the Mayor a puppy! And a beer! But he got a PUPPY! And the Queen knighted him! But -- a PUPPY PUPPERSONS! Prosh li'l puglet! OMG CUTE!!!1!

The many patrons who stopped me and gave me amazing, kind, generous compliments. So, so good!

Doing an old-school, solid Ye Olde Street Bit with Genesee Spridco's mask character in Farnham Way. It had a beginning, a middle, and an end! It got in, got it over with, and got out! It had 360-degree staging and nice loud volume! It attracted a small crowd and then included the crowd! It established the Who, the What, the Why and the How in under 30 seconds! It rocked. So Proud of Us!

The Jane the Phoole show on the Midsummer on Saturday was made of Win and Awesome, even though I nearly choked to death on food in the middle of it! I usually can't bear to watch video of me working, but Tom video'd the whole thing, and we viewed it that night, and I realized, "Oh! I do do something. No wonder people pay attention to me." I also realized my new sleeves make it look like I have little Tyrannosaurus Rex flipper arms. But knowing is half the battle!

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Laura Lynn said...

That is so terrible!!! I feel so bad that there were patrons who were so horrible to you and the other cast >:(

"Tyrannosaurus Rex flipper arms"??? I certainly did not think so!

BIG hugs and see you this weekend!