Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Muncaster's Festival of Fools: It Really Happened!

I know you know already, but time's passage makes it feel like a Fun Daydream I Had Once About Getting On A Plane With Jenny Higgins and Going To Jester Summer Camp. But in the past week I've had three delightful remembrances of the amazing experience:

  • I chatted with √Čtienne last week, and he's staying chez nous between his weekends at the Bristol Renaissance Faire this season (August 9-10 and August 16-17). It was great to talk shop with him again...it's validating, you know? Makes me feel like I'm a professional entertainer or something.
  • A Lovely Woman who works at a Jewelry Shop at BRF (the one on Guildhall Corner, where they sell those wire-and-bead hair cages -- you know the one) was Paul Garbanzo's neighbor at a show recently, and Paul told her the people at Muncaster spoke highly of me [faints from glee, slides under desk, gets lost among software boxes, clambers out covered in dust], and he gave her brochures from this year's Festival of Fools at Muncaster Castle, and asked her to pass them along to me. Who's on the front? I'll give you one, big, brocaded, shiny guess:

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