Sunday, March 30, 2008

Joel Dickinson!

Joel, with accolades., originally uploaded by Phoole.

Becky Allen, one of our fantastic coordinators at Muncaster Castle, said, "You cannot miss Joel's show." She pronounced it "Jo-El," like "Kal-El" and "Jor-El" from Superman. Sadie (our other fantastic coordinator at the Castle) pronounced it the same way, so we did too. And Becks was right: See this rising star if you can. He's 13 years my junior, and he's already doing what I want to be doing for a living. He does fringe festivals and gigs at castles, and beyond his completely precious and hilarious stage act, he does walkaround work too, and does it just the way one wants it done -- he's approachable, identifiable, likeable, vulnerable, and the rest of the qualities Gary Izzo's crystalized as the formula for a solid street character. To see so much talent in one so young was formidable. To see so much cute in one so young was just further torment for Jenny and I -- and we both have incredible, adorable, amazing husbands, so that point just needs to be out there. We did, though, immediately develop performer crushes on Joel.

He used the Bacharach theme from the original CASINO ROYALE in his act, for one of the several hilarious patron-interactive moments...and you know what a victim I am of Bacharach. Dad, I know, I'm sorry, I know it pains you, but I love Burt Bacharach, the cheesier the better! So that theme will now always remind me of those days in Spring in England, seeing and meeting the very kind and funny Jo-El Dickinson.

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