Sunday, March 30, 2008

Jane's Ever-Present Entourage

Every day that I appeared as Jane at Muncaster, I'd quickly acquire an entourage of children who just wanted to spend the day with me. The grounds for the Festival of Fools aren't small, but they're all fairly visible from everywhere, so parents seemed quite comfortable allowing their small ones to roam a bit and find their own fun. Maisy, I remember, was the girl in the pink jacket, and she wants to be a writer when she grows up. Joseph is in the grey and black jacket, and, if I recall correctly, he likes writing knock-knock jokes.

As ever, I would try to insinuate myself quietly at the back of a house for a show -- but my entourage would quickly make my presence known. Unlike many audiences at home, however, it was very easy at Muncaster to incorporate my Child Prodigy Crew into the audience for the particular stage act I wanted to see -- British children seem trained in how to be an audience. It really is remarkable and comfortable to be around.

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