Friday, July 27, 2007

Jane's Birthday Weekend Skedyoole: July 28-29, Bristol Renaissance Faire!

9:45am: Brief scene at Front Gate in which Mayor Egads Newcastle, Magnolia May, and I Exchange Witticisms and Deride the Sherriff, As Is Only Right
10:00am: Witty Banter with Guests at the Gate
10:30am: Whisking through Newmarket and Traders' Wharf, across the Bridge over Lake Elizabeth to view the schools of Kittenfish, then to the Bakery for Muffins and then to the Joust!
11:00am: Dallying on the Dais at Wyckham Field and Giving Out the Prizes for the Joust, with Lord Mayor Egads Newcastle!
11:30am: Saturday, visiting Farnham Way and Newmarket; Sunday, Performing the Wedding of Crystal and Brian at Cotswold Commons!
12:00pm: Visiting Guildhall Row, High Street, Traders Wharf, Newmarket, Farnham Way and the Buttery, then making my way to the Cheshire Chase Action Stage
12:50pm: Goofing with the crowd at the Cheshire Chase Action Stage with Lord Mayor Egads Newcastle!
1:00pm: The Royal Spectacle of Fools at the Cheshire Chase Action Stage -- NOT TO BE MISSED! All-singing, all-dancing, featuring Novel Utterances by the Denizens of the Street! Pies Will Fly!
1:30pm: Secret Eating!
2:00pm: A Game of Towers with his Right Royal Majesty Monarcho, King of the Entire World, under the Apple Tree by the Town Square Public House -- or, if Monarcho doesn't show, Jane Holds Court at the same location
3:00pm: The Mad Dash to the Nobles' Glade to Obtain Millinery for the Fooles' Parade!
3:30pm: FOOLES' PARADE! Departs just up the hill from the Wyckham Arms and the tiltyard, and where does it go? Nobody knows! YOU COULD LEAD IT! First ten guests joining in get Free Hats! Bells Included!
4:00pm: Brief Appearance at the Dirty Duck Inn, then off to the Punishment Place to prepare for...
4:30pm: The Foole's Revenge at the Cheshire Chase Action Stage -- NOT TO BE MISSED! Catch Jane EN FUEGO! Jane makes a habit of "bombing" onstage! And other jokes like that.
5:00pm: Visiting Shoplatch Lane and High Street, and Buying Out the Bakery!
5:30pm: Visiting Guildhall Row, Farnham Way, the Buttery, and perhaps chancing a glance at the happenstance in Shakespeare's Meadow
6:00pm: Finding my seat at the Queen's Feet in the Nobles' Glade, blurting out the first thing that pops into my head!
6:30pm: Accompanying Her Grace to the Gates of the City, and Cueing the Royal Brass (aka Jane's Big Big Big Band) at EXACTLY 6:59 for the Final Song! Don't be late!

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willy said...

Saw you in action this last weekend! it was wonderful and fun. Thank you.