Thursday, February 3, 2011

Crowing Over Fools! A Fool Fabric Contest Winner

Frequenters of the excellent fabric-makery site Spoonflower voted Cynthia Frenette's Crows Clowning Around as their favorite Fools and Jesters Fabric! Congratulations, Cynthia!  Here are the other top ten vote-getters:

2. jesters_n_fools by janiris
3. jokers by kec19
4. Acrobatic Jesters & Fools by simboko
Acrobatic Jesters & Fools
5. Court Jester by jennartdesigns
Court Jester
6. Silly Wiggle Scribble by decobot
Silly Wiggle Scribble
7. Clowns&buttons! by bora
8. 23 jesters and 1 fool by betje
23 jesters and 1 fool
9. Lady Jokers by catru
Lady Jokers
10. Little Clown by newmom
Little Clown ( zoom as usual:)  

My own personal favorite, I think, has to be this one:  Medieval Jesters by rengal

But I'm going to be acquiring yards of PLENTY of the fabric designs submitted!  You can too - shop all of the submissions here!

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