Friday, January 28, 2011

Foolish Fabric Contest!

Cheers to Spoonflower!  They're a delightful company who lets users upload images in order to create their own custom printed fabrics, and they have these brilliant contests all the time that result in dazzling arrays of excellent designs.  I wrote them a couple of weeks ago, suggesting they do a Jesters and Fools image contest, and they DID! This morning I received their newsletter, containing the following:

Our Most Foolish Fabric Contest
The Fabric Of the Week contest theme this week is jokers & fools, which has a long and illustrious tradition as an artistic subject. Believe it or not, the person who wrote to suggest that we make fools the subject of a fabric design contest is actually the official jester of the city of Milwaukee. Who knew that there were official fools! [Please commence sardonic commentary here.] Of course the real fools' contest this month will, arguably, be the Spoonflower staff design contest.

I'm blown away! It's a great day for Fool-dom.  Go ahead and vote! Meanwhile, I have some serious shopping to do - I need at least a yard of every single one of these!

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