Friday, August 6, 2010

Phoole Friend Martin Soan's Awesome Viddy for the Robin Hood Tax

Here's a video by the hilarious Martin Soan, whom I met along with his hilarious and brilliant wife Vivienne at Muncaster Castle's International Jester Tournament in 2007. It's for an excellent cause (one also supported by delightful vids by the delicious Bill Nighy).

Also: Keep an eye out for a Semmerling-Schaefer Mask Studios smile mask, which makes a special appearance in the video! I sent one to the Soans after they made me laugh my face completely off throughout the '07 Festival of Fools. You need one too, you know - and they're easily buy-able here. Get yours today, 'coz you're never fully dressed without a Semmerling Smile!

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