Thursday, April 1, 2010


A happy, silly, disorienting and completely amazingly delightful April Fools' Day to all you Phooligans! I celebrated at top speeds, starting on All Fools' Eve yesterday.

First, I got this really sweet message from Peter Frost-Pennington of Muncaster Castle on the Facebook:
Hi Jane, I'm just preparing for the Fools to take over Muncaster tomorrow.....oh dear! Will Tease is in charge as he hosts his "Feast of Fools" on Tom Fool's Day...and no doubt I'll get thrown in the stocks again! Nevertheless, looking forward to your Tomfoolery here in a few weeks time...make sure you bring the sunshine and I'm sure you'll pack your smile - one of them still hangs in our Office Reception! Maynard Flip-Flap is also here tomorrow, so I'll pass on your compliments. All the Jest, Peter
Then, I met the brilliant Christopher Moore, author of my most favorite book of all time, FOOL! He was on fire, energetic, engaged, zesty, genius. His talk was hilarious and inspiring, and I have quite a lot to think about and digest after having spent some time in the actual presence. He researched FOOL for two years, he said, and it startled me, because in that book, he managed to not merely display but synthesize the knowledge and experience I myself have needed 21 years to accumulate. Humbling! AND he's just a great, genuine person. He handled a live audience calmly, happily, brilliantly and hilariously. Here he is, signing my scribbled-in FOOL hardback and a paperback copy for my Dad:

Jane the Phoole Meets FOOL Author Chris Moore!

Still spinning from yesterday's madnesses, I greeted the dayjob cubicle hatted and smile-masked:

And I got fantastic Fools' Day greetings all day long from fabulous people. Cheers to all!

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