Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I'm making nice new clothes for Tom and I to wear for our upcoming fabulous gigs. I finished a new doublet for Tom's comic walkaround character, the silly Italian loverman Fasso Latido, a few days ago, and a few minutes ago I finished the demi-slops. The doublet design is mine. It's not found in history, except after now, when the future happens. It will be found in history later, but not the correct history. I merged a wide-collared jerkin (laugh, consarn you! JERKIN) with a doublet with gigantor epaulets. The silhouette suits Tom's frame, and the monstrously-large sleeves that are next on the worktable will make the epaulets look less space-age. Because we tend to perform in extreme heat, I didn't want to layer a jerkin over a doublet for Tom. He's had quite enough of that nonsense, thank you. The demi-slop pattern was created by Phoole mentor T. Stacy Hicks, and he and I are both responsible for the color choices.

Fasso Doublet

Fasso Pantaloni

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