Friday, February 12, 2010

"Zis is not funneh!" by Ivan Phillips

Zis is not funneh!, originally uploaded by theta_sigma.

Every person in this photograph is wildly uncomfortable. That WWII German soldier reenactor is not having Monarcho and I in the slightest. And we don't really know what to do either. So we do the hands-up posey-grinney thing. So awkward! Cheers again to Ivan Phillips for the moment-catchery.


Vogue said...

Ah, but zis captures the absurd essence of Reenactor Fest, no? It was a pleasure listening to you and Monarcho jingle around the room bringing smiles to all. Well done!

Jane the Phoole said...

It should be noted that most of the fabric in the motley I wore in this photo (which I call the "Competition Gown," because I wore it to the International Jester Tournament in 2007) came from Vogue Fabrics. Thanks for being a Phoole Fave!