Saturday, January 16, 2010

An award mentioning Jane the Phoole and "Bad Monkey" in Spanish!

The award!, originally uploaded by Phoole.

Please enjoy this li'l award bestowed upon me at, of all places, my day job. I appreciate that the award-bestowers included "mico malo," which is "bad monkey" in Spanish (in Spain and many other Spanish-speaking places, but not all -- visit for the lowdown). I also appreciate "Theatre Person" being encapsulated in quotation marks. Some of my dearest Phoole Friends will battle me on this point, but I cringe at being thought of that way. I'm a fool who happens, occasionally, to be in a theatre, usually as a paying customer, but Phooligans know I'm really mainly all about the Walking Around Talking to People. That fourth-wall concept weirds me out big-time these days. 'Nuff said, though -- this is a delight! Cheers!

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