Friday, December 18, 2009

Phoole Fave Elon Arbiture Needs Your Votes

Phoole Friends, help Elon Arbiture, composer extraordinaire, as he vies for an honor for the work he's done on the hilarious LEGEND OF NEIL Series 2. From Elon himself:

Every year Hollywood hosts the "Streamy Awards" which is like the Academy Awards but for web television. This year my scores for The Legend of Neil, Season 2 are eligible to win! Craft Awards (like Best Music) are not determined by popular vote - thankfully - but I think a few nominations would put it more strongly on the committee's radar. So if you could click the link, select Original Music from the list, type my name and then type the Legend of Neil Season 2 and in the boxes that would be G R E A T! (it takes 4 seconds).

Events like this really help bring to light genuine artistry and upcoming talent in the film industry and it is great exposure for my show and my work. Comedy/Zelda/adventure.... there's no better first job I could have gotten!

THANKS! Season 3 is ALMOST confirmed!!

Phooligans, Elon's sister Chloe Arbiture is known to you -- she is the performer who brought to life Nixie, the Water Faerie in the Bristol Renaissance Faire's Fantastickals ensemble for several years. Chloe is herself a filmmaker, and Elon and Chloe are a brilliant set of siblings who will one day own the entire entertainment industry, or at least as much of it as they'd like to. Let's get in on the ground floor of their ROCKET TO FAME and support Elon!

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