Sunday, October 25, 2009

You're Never Phoole-y Dressed Without a Smile (From Semmerling & Schaefer Mask Studios!)

I want to have a Jane the Phoole motley for each holiday season, and the one I'm working on currently is the Halloween gown. It's all orange and black, and I commissioned a special smile mask from the Official Maskers of Jane the Phoole, Semmerling & Schaefer Mask Studios ( I never actually did a drawing or anything -- through an exchange of emails and Facebook messages with Mask Master Jeff Semmerling, during which I'd said Big Chunky Jack-o'-Lantern Teeth would be awesome, Jeff devised this brilliant grin. Now the rest of the ensemble has to live up to this fantastic detail! Order your smile today -- you're never Phoole-y dressed without a smile from Semmerling & Schaefer Mask Studios!

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