Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stronghold Olde English Faire! Oct. 3 & 4 2009

Come play with me at the Stronghold Olde English Faire this weekend! Autumn's gilding the Midwest with gorgeous color, and Stronghold's the perfect place to enjoy Nature's best-dressed season AND the Elizabethan Age's best-dressed people, of which I am, perhaps, the silliest.

The Stronghold Olde English Faire is a cozy little affair," nestled," as the website says, "high on the bluffs overlooking the Rock River." As I've just learned on Oregon, Illinois' website, Stronghold Castle was built by Chicago Daily News publisher/editor Walter Strong in 1929, as a retreat for his family and friends, based on the castles they'd visited and enjoyed in Europe, where castles and history come from.

There's plenty to do, and plenty of places to relax when you're done doing things for a little while. There are little shops, castle tours, hayrides (one of the drivers will deliver HAIR-RAISING HIGH-SPEED TERROR, if the one who drove me last year's still there), high-school madrigality, games, characters, sword-fightings, playlets, comedy, musics, Odorferious Thunderbottom, and sundrie delights. The Bristol Renaissance Faire's Guilde of St. Michael will be there, for Military Action Experience Beyond Your Expectations, and so will Bristol's Guilde of St. George, for Frolics with Queen Elizabeth and her Court and Hob-Nobbing With the Cultural Elite, or at least the Very, Very Rich.

And I'll be there too! I've thought about hosting a talk show there. Don't know when or where it'll happen, but be prepared to go on!

Stronghold's site includes a handy li'l gadget for getting directions to their location. The drive is picturesque, the site precious, and the diversions delightful, no matter what the weather. Merry meet me there, Phoole Friends!

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