Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Phooligans: A Guild of Jesters in World of Warcraft

From Phoole Friend Kurt Magoon comes news that his son's created a
Guild of Jesters within World of Warcraft called The Phooligans!

I don't actually play the game myself -- I'm either not hip enough, or I'm terrified of all of my free time dissolving, or my real actual life is too fraught with conflict, or a myriad other excuses. But if you play this game, I understand the Phooligans reside on the Wyrmrest Accord Server, which must be an Extremely Fashionable and Entertaining Place Indeed.

Here is a screenshot of the leader of The Phooligans, Jayyn, in front of what I'm told is the well in Stormwind City:

Good Fun Times! If any of you play this game, and Jayyn and The Phooligans get up to any hijinks, I rely on you to Regale Me With Tales!

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