Friday, September 4, 2009

Phoole Fave: Queen Elizabeth Gloriana

In honor of Her Majesty's Natal Day, I would just like to give a Right Good Shout-Out to Her Grace, particularly as portrayed by the Bristol Renaissance Faire's Mary Kababik. I've loved playing Phoole to Mary's Queen for many, many years, and let me tell you something: If you've seen Mary play Elizabeth I once, you've seen her do it ONCE. She's the Lion's Cub quintessentially, with abrupt turns in mood, a ready wit, and the last laugh, always. And you let her, and not just because she's God's representative on earth -- she earns those laughs. Her punchlines are mighty this season, and she's made ME laugh more often, I think, than I've made her laugh this year. She is gracious, extremely sharing, incisive, cunning, tough and tender at once.

If you're visiting Bristol for the first time this weekend, make a particular point of spending time with the Queen and her Court. Mary Kababik has got to be one of the hardest-working, if not THE hardest-working, Queens in the Renaissance Faire Business, and she will share her time and glory with you. If you're a long-time Faire fan and have already visited many times this season, come behold Her Grace -- she's full of surprises, every single day, and keeps her Privy Councillors, her Favorites, and her Court on their toes with her vibrance, lightning wit and fierce fiery Tudor blood.

Have no doubt that Mary Kababik is one of the hardest-working women in show business. But if you engage her in close conversation, you'll also know that there's no one kinder, more gracious, and more sincere in encountering a Faire's guests. Come get some! Happy Natal Day on September 7, Your Majesty!

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