Friday, August 21, 2009

It's Lord Mayor Egads Newcastle's Final Bristol Renaissance Faire Weekend This Season! 8/22 & 8/23 2009

[Original photo by Flickr user "One lucky guy"]

Before he dashes away to another Kingdom, let us greet Lord Mayor Egads Newcastle (portrayed with perpetual grace, dignity and unceasing chaotic hilarious brilliance by Richard Weber) one more time, and ask him about THE SQUIRRELS.

It's been the Year of the Squirrel for poor Richard/Egads, starting with a Squirrel Invasion of his flat, careening to an ongoing series of battles with deranged and violent squirrels, and most recently culminating in that Banff Squirrel and the Squirrel Medicine Lady. You really must hear the story from him about all of this squirrel madness -- the telling is a riot of rodents and ridiculous rage. I WANT to tell the story here, myself, but his telling of the epic saga is too funny, and besides he may make the thing into a SMASH-HIT MUSICAL EXTRAVAGANZA, so let no gun be jumped.

Do spend time with Egads this weekend while you can. He's a rare brilliant man -- by turns bombastically caustic and scintillatingly gracious; outrageously profane and simply, beautifully profound. When he's gone at the end of each Bristol season I feel like I'm limping, missing an important part of myself that helped hold me up. Once, before a long, hot, arduous parade, I moaned, "Richard, carry me!" and he cooly retorted, "Honey, I've been carrying you for years." Well, he has! Merry part, Egads, and merry meet again!

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