Monday, August 17, 2009

Behold Porkchop, the Porcupine of Bristol

Porcupine, originally uploaded by theta_sigma.

This is Porkchop. He is the porcupine in Her Majesty's Menagerie at the Bristol Renaissance Faire, presented by Jo-Don Farms, who also operate the Faire's Pony Ride attraction. Visit him! He likes to chomp, as he's rather young and his teeth grow at an alarming rate; I'm given to understand his teeth will grow all his life, and he has to continually chomp things to keep them from growing too long. Unfortunately, that means that anything near his mouth is eligible for chompage. So when you pet him, begin at his forehead and pet him toward his tail -- keep anything you don't want chomped away from his mouth. He chomps indiscriminately, as the scars on his gentle and kind handler's arms will attest! Also, note that he looks super-fluffulent, but beneath that fluffy 'do is a STARTLING ARRAY OF POINTINESS.

Points 'n' chomps aside, Porkchop is an enchanting little fellow, and he's been the focus of several pageants and Peer-heavy events already this season. Stop by the Petting Zoo or the Pony Ride and enjoy his curmudgeonly disposition and overwhelming cuteness!

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