Friday, August 28, 2009

Be Heard! Let Bristol's Management Know You Love Jane the Phoole!

Friends, every time we laugh together, you show me how important a visit with Jane the Phoole is for your Renaissance Faire trip! Now I need your help again reminding the Powers That Be at the Bristol Renaissance Faire that you like playing with me when you come out to the Faire.

Kindly take a moment and click and let them know Jane the Phoole's one of your favorite things about their show.

(For what it's worth, if you're a Person Who Spends A Great Deal of Money at the show, it might be interesting to mention in your comments that you do so! This potentially increases your comments' accessibility for People Who Only Understand Numbers.)

Bristol's a beautiful place, and I've greatly enjoyed my 20 seasons there so far. Help me add to those by letting The Powers know you enjoy Jane the Phoole!

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