Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Special Sundays at the Bristol Renaissance Faire! Aug 2 & 9 '09

Phoole Friends, your insatiability plus my drive to acquire 100 languages for "bad monkey" by Her Majesty's Birthday (September 7, which of course you already know) mean I'm adding more Sundays to my schedule at the Bristol Renaissance Faire! This weekend and next weekend, I'll be appearing both Saturday and Sunday. (I couldn't let Lord Mayor Egads Newcastle have all the Queen's Tea Party fun and excitement to himself, now, could I?)

Next weekend is the 20th Anniversary Reunion of Bristol's Guilde of St. George, of which I've been a member since 1996. They've presented the pageantry, glamor and intrigue of Her Majesty's Court on Progress since 1989 at Bristol, and my husband got his start at Bristol in that Guilde, before he went on to co-found Bristol's Military ensemble, the Guilde of St. Michael. If you enjoy seeing a Court Jester in her natural habitat, or if you'd like a Fool's-Eye View of the goings-on in the aristocracy, meet me at the Noble's Glade for Presentation of the Nobility or Audience With the Queen! Next weekend's schedule is here.

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