Wednesday, July 9, 2008


My dear fellow members of and friends in the Guilde of St. George, and All Who Turned Out for My Big Queen Adventure,

A thousand thanks for allowing me a brief spin on the Throne of All England last Sunday evening! I truly had one of the best experiences of my career in your company. I was attended by the best, tightest Queen Unit, who made what could have been a jarring trial into an extremely smooth Monarch Machine. And though I've always said that it's the Court and the People who have the power to make the Queen the Queen, now I have first-hand proof of this truth.

In cringing hindsight, I realize that even though it's the Fool's office and charge to bring the high low and lift the low up high, I took liberties that crossed some bad boundaries. I want to apologize to the Guilde members who got the brunt of my jokes -- it's pointless to say after that I meant the jibes in good fun, because I know I'd never want to be put on the spot the way I targeted some of you. I exercised poor judgment, which was the last thing any of you needed after a long, challenging and exhausting opening weekend! That's no way to repay such kind hospitality and outstanding support.

It's a weak reparation, but if you felt I focused gags unfairly on you, let me know, and at the very least, I'll find a way to publicly do your character a favor. You all supported me so brilliantly, and I feel I should return that support.

Again, thanks for an incredible experience. I'll be smiling about it and telling the tales that came out of it the rest of my life. Though I haven't been an active full-time member since 1997, I'm still proud of my membership, and I constantly maintain that the best way to live the Renaissance Faire experience is to learn it through your organization. I cherish your friendship and support!

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