Wednesday, July 16, 2008


The new buddons (you may call them "buttons," but it's as you like it) are ready! Jane the Phoole will have them on her Royal Foolish Person when you visit her at the Bristol Renaissance Faire on weekends between now and September 1, 2008 or at one of her To-Be-Announced Fall or Winter Engagements!

How can you get your mitts on one of the fancy new buddons? Find Jane the Phoole and entertain her -- tell her a joke, good or horrible; cut a caper (that's "do a dance" to you, Modern Person); describe an incriminating story about one of your friends (or hers); make a funny face; sing a song; teach her a number theory convenience or a magic trick; play a game with her; tell her your Fool Name, and make it funny! Get your new Jane the Phoole buddons, peoples!

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