Monday, June 9, 2008

Quickies: PrideFest Day 2 2008

I'm completely exhausted today. I used up all my fun this weekend! I'll need to recharge heavily for the upcoming weekend's gigs (a private event at a botanical garden and an opera recital in West Bend). But I had So Much Fun. Will go into more detail as soon as I have more coffee and more time.
Ran into Chad Fabulous, whom I know from Faire Maiden Glass at Bristol and environs beyond -- he was glammed up as one of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Sister Truly Fierce, and with him in towering drag glory was the newest inductee to the Wisconsin chapter, Sister Anita Martini. They Were Gorgeous, and I was completely literally dwarfed by them. Chad is too, too gracious and perfect, and we were photographed together nine hundred thousand times, and he got me into the Club ICON VIP Loft, where I was treated like an empress.
Kevin Paap won Pride Idol! Yeeeeaaah! Bad Friend that I am, I didn't even realize he was competing. I passed him in the street and he nabbed me and we jumped all over each other. He opened for the Indigo Girls with Etta James's smash "At Last" and blew everyone away. So Proud!

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