Sunday, January 13, 2008

Our B&B in Manchester, and Tea is Good

TeaService001, originally uploaded by Phoole.

At our Mancester B&B and at our room at Muncaster in the coachman's quarters, we had a little precious tea service.

A tea service in your room reminds you to take care of yourself -- to take a moment, heat water, brew tea (ALWAYS we had cups with matching saucers, real china, even if the cups didn't match each other; the cup always matched its saucer), sip slowly, eat biscuits, sit and LAUGH and stop being so goddamned anxious about everything.

It felt so good being there.

So good.

It kind of hurts being "home."

This does not mean I'm not glad to be here where Tom is.

I just wish we were there, with our dearest friends too, living the way people were meant to live.

I get tears in my throat remembering tea, owls, accents, Not-
David-Tennant, a black velvet sleeve at the edge of periphery vision, a blue vest and an orange tie, Vivienne's eyes, Royal Bourbon biscuits, Creeping Kate's Kitchens. I want to be there.

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