Thursday, October 25, 2007

Like a Lautrec lithograph...

...I'm a rare poster! Believe me, though, I have been busy. Since my show closed in September, I've done the following:
  • Washed all of the laundry. All of it. Now there are all these clothes I can wear that I haven't seen since Spring, which is fine, because it's cold again.
  • Spent time with my husband -- and yes, he is fabulous.
  • Written twenty pieces of thirty novels.
  • Made clothes.
  • Seen shows!
  • Entertained the Medici court at the Chazen Museum of Art in Madison.
  • Started work on the next show -- and it's going to blow yer pants off. So some suspenders will be in order. (For my British friends, please read the above as, "'s going to blow yer trousers off, so some braces will be in order," as you just can't say "pants" -- or so I have been led to believe.)
  • Decided that Stephen Fry is just the best writer ever for making me bark with laughter in public.
  • Raised over $5,000 for United Way's Combined Giving Campaign by telling my donors that if they beat last year's campaign goal by at least 10%, I'd jump out of a perfectly good airplane. I'm glad that sadism can achieve what kindness only longs for!
  • Commissioned my next motley gown to be designed and built by the Connosieur of Couture and Welkin of Wit, my hero, T. Stacy Hicks. And Fasso Latido's asking for a suit from him as well. We'll look smart -- and in this case, looks ARE everything.
  • Decided to cease directing and teaching at my summer show, and approach negotiations strictly as an act. (It is heroic and heart-swelling to teach, and it can be thrilling and adrenalizing to direct. But there is not a venue in this country that can pay me enough to do as much as I've done to date on top of performing as Jane the Phoole. My price has, um, gone up. A lot. Yessir. Recession, you know. Also, the challenge of leading the youngest people to enter the cast has become exhausting. I do not yet possess the magic to create high-intensity audience-focused interactive performers out of people who communicate prinicipally via texting and LOLCats. They are scared of each other and of the audience; they are allergic to air, sun and nature; their fears and hives seem insurmountable.) No, my energy needs to go to you, the audience, the Most Important Character in Any Show.

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