Monday, July 2, 2007

Jane the Phoole's Skedyoole! Feaste of Fooles at the Bristol Faire

Here is Jane the Schedule, so far:

9:45am: Opening of the Gates, wherein I am Very Funny

10:00am until Boredom: Jane the Phoole and Assorted Goofs Trade in Hackneyed One-Liners From Above the Gate

10:30ish until 12:45ish: Walking Around Talking to People

12:50pm: An Intimate Stage-Warming Experience: Mayor Newcastle and Jane the Phoole at the Cheshire Chase

1pm: The Royal Spectacle of Fools, wherein I Tell a Joke and Encourage Mischievous Squabblings

1:30pm to 2:30pm: The Phoole Feasts at the Dirty Duck or at the Buttery, Wherever Conversation Is More Entertaining

2:30ish to 3:15: Walking Around Talking to People

3:30pm: FOOLES’ PARADE (Fooles, Patrons and the Bristol Buskin Frolic) stepping off at the Joust Pub, going UP THE DANG HILL, and petering out by the Duck or whatever

3:45pm Fortifying the Phoole for the Second Part of the Day -- Iced Triple Espresso at Michelangelo's

4:00pm Phoole Vanishes from Streets for call for 4:30 scene and has her First and Only “Break” of the Day

4:30pm THE PHOOLE’S REVENGE at the Cheshire Chase (author obviously spelled it wrong so have corrected it here)

5pm Self-Congratulatory Indulgence at the Buttery, wherein Wit is Bandied About

Some Time Later: Find Monarcho and Get Up To No Good

6:20pm Wander up to Gate to join in Redonkulousness up there

6:55pm Farewell Singalong INSIDE Front Gate, wherein No Miserable Dirges Occur and no Shakespearean Eulogy is Delivered

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