Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Jane's Smile: Experience It Firsthand -- Mask Artist Jeff Semmerling

Many people ask about the mask I wear around my neck -- it's a leather
mask of a disembodied smile! It's crazy, it's fun, it's even strangely
haunting betimes and reminiscent of something scary. It stays with you.
It's with you in the room Right Now. But it goes with everything, and
brightens every outfit, and you can get one too!

Just visit, the online home of amazing, brilliant
mask artist Jeff Semmerling, who created Jane the Phoole's auxiliary
smile. I will be adding his mask credit info to all photos of Jane
soon, so that smile-seekers may not have to go much further to obtain
risibles of their very own.

You should probably buy five of them at a time, since it's nearly
half-Xmas now, and you'll want to save time this winter for various posh
international trips and things. So get your smile shopping done now at -- and let Jeff know Jane the Phoole sent you!

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