Thursday, April 19, 2007

RIP Michael Barzone, aka Jane the Phoole's twin brother

Michael Barzone passed away today. He and I share a common birthday, so even though there is a slight disparity in our ages, I would always walk with him and claim to everyone, "This is my twin brother!"

He was kind, considerate, intelligent and creative. For our wedding, he embroidered a wall hanging for my husband and I. And he once gave me a prop apple with a crossbow bolt shot into it, which is a Very Useful Prop Indeed and requires next-to-no explanation to get a laugh.

I miss him already, and this year our Twin Birthday falls on a Sunday. So I'll find a way to celebrate part of the day with him somehow.

This is from one of my mentors, Ron Scot Fry, the Artistic Director of the Bristol Renaissance Faire:

We will miss our friend and colleague Michael, better known to most of us as Lord Donato. He was a presence for many years at the Bristol Renaissance Faire, most recently in our Performance Troupe as a member of the Guilde of St. Lawrence - the Guilde of Cooks and Comedians.

Lord Donato was gifted with a vivid imagination and the ability to share the fruits of that imagination. He fully inhabited his role as Donato and played it to the bemusement and wonder of everyone he met, even when Lord Donato was a cantankerous old fart.

As Lord Donato and as Michael, he shared the warmth of his spirit and the generosity of his heart with all of us. We are poorer for his loss but richer for his memory. The Bristol Renaissance Faire will offer an opportunity this season for friends and colleagues of Michael to remember him and share our memories of him. Until then, let us all approach our work and our lives with spirit, generosity, and love in the memory of our departed friend.

Ron Scot Fry
Artistic Director
Bristol Renaissance Faire

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